Cinema 4D Studio R19 3-Month Short-Term License - Extension

Cinema 4D Short-Term licenses are an ideal way to bridge production peaks or to get your career started with minimal investment. Best of all, you can upgrade your short-term license to a perpetual license at any time and we’ll even give you credit for 75% of your short-term licensing fees! For more information, please review the Short-Term License FAQ. Please note: license term dates are defined by the purchase date, not installment date.

Qualifying Serial Number

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Minimum System Requirements Cinema 4D and BodyPaint 3D
Windows (running on Intel or AMD 64-bit CPU with SSE3 support)
    Windows 7 SP1 64-bit (all versions)
    Windows 8 64-bit (all versions)
    Windows 8.1 64-bit (all versions)
    Windows 10 64-bit (all versions)

    Mac OS X 10.9.5 or higher with 64-bit processor running on Intel-based Apple Macintosh

    4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended)
    OpenGL graphics card supporting OpenGL 4.1 (dedicated GPU recommended)
    USB port
    Internet connection is required
    Registration is required

Cinema 4D on Windows 10
There are no known Cinema 4D issues that are Windows 10-specific but your user experience might differ, depending on your hardware. Our closed field test showed that some but not all GPU drivers or input device drivers work less reliably on the new operating system, especially when using third-party plugins that rely on these drivers. This can change anytime if these drivers are updated, which means that no general guidelines exist regarding which graphics cards will be affected. For users of Intel HD2500 / HD4000 GPUs, we don't recommend the use of Windows 10 because they will most likely not receive the necessary updates.

Some versions could not be used with Windows 10. However, we received positive feedback with regard to using the current version 7.7.9 with Windows and Cinema 4D. According to the website, there is no official support for Windows 10. Download:
Graphics cards

Generally speaking, Cinema 4D and BodyPaint 3D support all OpenGL 4.1-capable graphics cards. Nevertheless, we recommend using a dedicated 3D graphics card with an AMD or NVIDIA chip set. High-performance graphics chips are currently already available in mid-range laptops. Make sure that you always use the most current certified graphics card driver (no beta versions).

MAXON is not responsible for the compatibility of individual graphics cards with the OpenGL mode. Due to the large number and types of available chip sets, operating systems and driver versions we cannot guarantee the compatibility of all systems.

The technical specifications of MAXON products are constantly changing. Please use the most current demo version of the software to test its compatibility on your computer.

For the most up to date information see the System Requirements on the MAXON web page.