The MAXON License Server (MLS) lets you manage multiple individual MAXON software licenses or groups of licenses with different configurations within your production environment. You can define groups, assign individual licenses or define a unique lease time for each group. This means you can let laptop users extend their lease for off-site work or give a specific project group access to additional licenses. This level of control helps you make most efficient use of your Cinema 4D and BodyPaint 3D licenses. 



MAXON supports Reprise License Management (RLM, RLM is best suited for environments in which software from multiple manufacturers has to be managed. The RLM server requires a special license key that activates the manufacturer's software and defines the Cinema 4D license. MAXON requires additional customer information to generate a RLM license key.



For users whose render jobs exceed the capacity of individual workstations or that of Team Render, MAXON offers the Cinema 4D Command Line Render Client for creating dedicated render farms. The Command Line Render Client uses the Cinema 4D render functions and is managed by render farm admin tools provided by third parties.


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